For those interested in purchasing investment properties, student housing can provide a great opportunity for perspective buyers to enter the market.

The real estate professionals at Brown Multi-Family Advisors can help you locate student apartment properties in Columbus, Ohio to begin investing. The trusted real estate brokers at Brown MFA have decades of dealing with student living apartment properties in Columbus, Ohio.

With the proximity to a number of state universities and colleges, investing in student housing apartment in Columbus is a good choice. There are numerous benefits of using student housing as an entry into the Central Ohio real estate market. Here are a few of the things that make investing in campus housing an easy choice for real estate investors:

  • Tenant Consistency — One of the struggles of traditional commercial real estate is the influx of tenants and perspective tenants. The housing market ebbs and flows with the economy as a whole, so with traditional commercial real estate properties owners are subject to fluctuating demand for leasing. This is not the case for those who own student housing properties. Universities are typically a recession-proof sector of the market, meaning enrollment stays fairly consistent regardless of the economic state. Steady enrollment means steady tenants signing leases for student housing.
  • Potential Profits — The profit potential in student housing is high. Because of the steady demand for housing near a college or university, property owners have a great potential to turn a profit. With a steady stream of tenants and continuous demand, property owners are also able to charge a rate that often exceeds nearby traditional housing.

Before investing in student housing there are a few things that you should know. It is important that you plan for health competition in the market. Because of the above listed factors, many investors want to get involved in off-campus housing.

You should understand the real estate market in the area. It is critical that you know who you will be competing with and how competitive is the market near your potential property. It is also the area in which the trusted professionals at Brown Multi-Family Advisors can step in to provide you with the necessary market context. We understand the totality of the Columbus area housing market and can give you the needed information for your investment.

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BMA helps buyers forge investment opportunities and sell a diverse range of multifamily properties. BMA has compiled an impressive track record of success in evaluating, marketing and closing more than 150 properties that include student housing and conventional and affordable multifamily properties in Ohio.

The foundation of BMA’s success is built on integrity, an unparalleled work ethic and a desire to establish and maintain long term relationships. Headquartered in Central Ohio, Brown Multifamily Advisors has a large inventory of properties available throughout central Ohio.

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