If you are looking to expand your investment portfolio, real estate is a great place to focus your attention.

Owning property in the right market is a good way to see a return on your initial investment. The real estate professionals at Brown Multifamily Advisors can help you with real estate investing in Columbus, Ohio. Brown specializes in assisting our client base with Columbus real estate investing. If you are looking for commercial real estate investment sales in Columbus, Ohio, it is best to trust the experienced advisors at Brown MFA.

Getting started in real estate investing can seem like a daunting task. While it can be challenge for some, there is a plethora of information available that can help you navigate the property buying process.

Here are a few of our tips to Get Started with Commercial Real Estate Property Investment in Ohio

  • Think About Expenses — Upgrades and remodeling costs can derail what would otherwise be a sound real estate investment. Do a thorough analysis of a property before making a purchase. Getting an inspection is a must before making an investment.
  • Be Realistic — It’s important to set realistic goals for your return on your investment. If you make a purchase that you expect to sell for an unbelievable amount, you may want to taper your expectations. Going in with a correct assessment of the money you can make off a potential property will assist you in succeeding in real estate.
  • Be Patient — When you make a purchase, it’s critical to realize it may take some time to get a return on your investment. Patience is key to riding out a tough real estate market. You should expect it to take time for your real estate investment to turn a profit.
  • Take Advantage of Tax Programs — There are a number of different real estate investment tax incentives that are currently available for property owners. Make sure you do your research to see if a potential property could qualify for a tax break. It could make a huge difference in the return you get on your investment.
  • Work with Professionals — If you are not a real estate professional that is ok. You can still get involved in the market and get a return on your investment. Be realistic with your strengths, utilize them and leave the rest to the professionals. A real estate advisory group like Brown MFA can help you navigate the sometimes tricky commercial or investment property market. Trust the professionals at Brown Multifamily Advisors to pair you with the property that best suits you.

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Brown Multifamily Advisors (BMA) has more than 18 years of experience in the Central Ohio commercial real estate industry. We have a unique ability to create a national market for local multifamily owners. Focusing exclusively on the sale of multifamily investments, BMA has developed an extensive and qualified database of local and national principals. When combined with thorough market research and a highly professional approach to the disposition process of multifamily properties within Central Ohio, BMA increases buyer participation, resulting in more offers and properties being sold at maximum values.

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