Buying real estate is a great investment choice for those who want to expand their portfolio. Real estate is a great alternative to buying bonds or securities on the market and can give owners the same benefits. Purchasing investment real estate, such as an apartment building, is a great way to generate an income for property owners. Multi Unit Apartments for Sale Columbus, Ohio

If you are in looking for a 10-unit apartment building for sale in Columbus, Ohio, then partnering with the experienced real estate brokers at Brown Multifamily Advisors is a great way to complete your search. Contact the professionals at Brown MFA to get the conversation started. Along with our Central Ohio real estate market knowledge, the professionals at Brown can demonstrate the benefits of owning investment real estate property. Here are some of the reasons to buy a 10-unit apartment building:

  • Market Strength — By owning an apartment complex, you are not subject to the fluctuations that are typical of other types of real estate. Typically, demand for housing in apartment buildings stays relatively consistent irrespective of the remainder of the real estate market. Finding tenants usually is not a problem, which means your building should always remain busy and generating money. Multifamily property investments are some of the strongest purchases one can make.
  • Building Equity — Everyone wants to build equity in the real estate market. Owning an apartment complex allows others to essentially build equity for you in the form of rent payments. Multiple tenants will be paying down your mortgage over time and thus building your equity.
  • Consistent Cash Flow — The monthly rent payments that you collect from your tenants will act as a steady cash flow. Typically, investments do not provide you with this benefit as you cannot collect money from traditional real estate or stocks on a monthly basis. This is not the case with a multifamily property, your tenants will be providing you with a supplementary income every month.
  • Physical Asset — Unlike other investments like stocks or bonds, an apartment is a physical asset. Even if the market is in complete turmoil, your building will always be worth some money. It cannot decrease to nothing after bankruptcy.

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Brown Multifamily Advisors (BMA) has more than 18 years of experience in the Central Ohio commercial real estate industry. We have a unique ability to create a national market for local multifamily owners. Focusing exclusively on the sale of multifamily investments, BMA has developed an extensive and qualified database of local and national principals.

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